Kygo & Perry  

Born:  July 22nd 2019

5 Boys  &  4 Girls

Happy 7 wks old
Temperament testing has been completed !
Below you'll find your name under the puppy we've selected to join your families

They truly have been a great bunch, such loving - aim to please puppies !


Mr. Orange is going home to be spoiled by Adam, Laura & Family


Ms. Maroon will be adored by Paul, Leslie & Jaxson


Mr. Blue will be loved by Katie & Matt

Ms. Lilac, I'm sure will be smitten with Larry & Sandra & family

Mr. Green will be spoiled by Mark & Julia


Mr. Teal will be adored by Laura, Sean & Family (including Murphy)

Mr. Yellow will be going home to be spoiled by Kyle & Victoria

Ms. Pink will be loved by Caroline & Alex


Ms. Red will be staying on at Bowbell to hopefully, follow in Mom & Dad's footsteps !