Bowbell Puppy Application

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1. Name:

2. Address:

3. Email Address:

4. PhoneNumber:

     Work Number:

5. Do you own your home:

6. Marital Status married:

7. Does your spouse/significant other share your desire for a puppy

8. Occupation:  

    Spouses Occupation:

9. Do you have Children, (if so how many & ages):

10. How did you hear about Bowbell Goldens:

11. Why have you choosen a Golden:

12. Have you familiarized yourself with the breed: (size, grooming, feeding, medical care, exercise needs,etc):

13. Have you ever owned a Golden:

14. Do you currently own any other pets:

15. If Yes :



Spay/Neuter Status: 

16. Have you ever removed a dog from your care due to: (Temperament Problems, Personal Changes in your Life,Allergies etc)

17. Veterinarian’s Name:

18. Can your Vet be contacted for references:

19. Who will care for your puppy during working hours:

 20. Who will be the primary caretaker of your new puppy:

 21. What sex puppy are you looking for: Male:               Female:

 22. Do you have a color Preference:

 23. Do you have a securely fenced yard:

 24. Please tell us your plans for exercising and housing, your new Golden:  

 25. What are your main goals for wanting a Golden: companionship/love/friendship


Show/Obedience/Agility/Field work:


26. Do you agree to have your Golden spayed/neutered:

27. Are you willing to take your puppy to Obedience/Socializing Classes:

28. Are you in favor of crate training:

29. Will you be willing to keep in contact with us regarding the puppy:

(ie: photos,emails,phone calls etc):

30. If you have any other information that you feel would help us in choosing you to become a Parent to one of our Goldens, please feel free to tell us here: